Allen Edmonds Naismith Review

Allen Edmonds who has been around since 1922 pays homage to the man who created the sport of basketball in 1891.  And with the holidays coming up it is a perfect time to release the Naismith shoe when another season of basketball is upon us.  Fashion and sports have gone hand to hand as athletes are much more in tune with their personal styles.

Sports fan are very dedicated to their team so Allen Edmonds created a perfect sports gift for the holidays.  I know that if I receive a nice shoe for Christmas I would be very happy.  The Allen Edmonds Naismith shoe is a one of kind of shoe made to look like a basketball.  The shoe has pebbled grain orange leather that looks identical to the kind you would find on a new basketball.  The black stitching on the orange leather also gives the Naismith a true resemblance to a basketball.  Then you have a gumlite Vibram sole that is half the weight of a normal rubber outsole.  The interior insole has the same orange pebble grain to finish off the loafer.

The Allen Edmonds Naismith is part of the Allen Edmonds Sports Collection of premium men’s shoes which also includes a Doubleday white baseball penny loafer.  The penny loafer is priced at $195 and comes in multiple sizes and wide sizes as well.  The handsewn construction makes each shoe one of a kind.

The Allen Edmonds Naismith is the perfect loafer to wear when going to your favorite basketball team’s game.  It is also equally perfect to wear while watching your son or daughter play on their basketball team or just walking around town.  Basketball fans will love the Allen Edmonds Naismith loafer as its unique and stylish design will show how much of a sports fan you are.

9.5 Out of 10

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