Oppermann London Bolton

The Bolton is the latest briefcase from Opperman London. The briefcase is slightly larger than the average briefcase and can accommodate a 15″ laptop along with books, tech gear and documents. The Bolton features a single main compartment, two large pockets for laptop and tablet and a zippered pocket. The bag also includes a 40mm shoulder strap in cotton webbing.

Available at the End of May. Currently available to preorder for 10% off. Simply enter the discount code ‘PREORDERTEN’ at checkout.

Preorder HERE for £295.00

Borlino The One-Night-Stand Leather Duffel Bag

Borlino makes some of the best looking men’s bags around. The company is priced in the ultra luxury category with prices exceeding a grand. The Borlino One-Night-Stand Leather Duffel Bag is perfect for that one night stand.

The One-Night-Stand Duffel bag is made from the finest Italian Buffalo and Vachetta leathers. The bag is perfect for weekend trips and fits in the plan overhead.

$1650 Buy it now HERE

Satch & Fable Weekender bag Review

I was looking for a nice weekend bag to take on business trips and short vacation and stumbled upon the Satch & Fable Weekender. I was immediately drawn to the leather weekend bag with its rugged good looks and tremendous storage space.

The Satch & Fable Weekender has been updated with a slightly redesign. The company has swapped out the handles to a single handle and carrying strap. Also the large zipper pocket is now on the back of the bag instead of the front. The front of weekender features two matching pockets that could fit a Smartphone, keys, flashlight or any other small object. The Satch & Fable Weekender also has two side pockets for additional storage. The back of the weekender bag has a zippered space for magazines, documents, or a full-size tablet. The main compartment in the weekender has room for clothes for a weekend trip. The interior is a dark denim and the exterior is made of natural Morocco leather. The buckles and rivets are made of corrosion-free brass.

The Satch & Fable Weekender is made of premium Morocco leather made from naturally waterproof goatskin that has an aged look. The leather has a pleasant scent compared to other leather bags I reviewed. The bag is handmade using vintage sewing machines with classic design in mind.

Satch & Fable is dedicated to find the best materials to make their leather bags. The leather is free from chemicals smells and dye that other brands are known for. The company considers animal welfare in mind, avoids sweatshops and mindful of the environment.

I was on a mission to find a great weekend leather bag and think I found one of the best bags in the Satch & Fable Weekender. The Satch & Fable Weekender has a ton of room for your clothes and tech gear in a rugged bag. Satch & Fable offers amazing prices for their leather bags and worth a look for anyone in the market for a nice looking weekend bag to take on trips and weekend getaways.

9.5 Out of 10

Buy it now HERE

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