Orox Leather Co. Classic Bifold – Natural Review

The wallet is an accessory that pretty much every guy wears daily. The difference between a mall wallet and an Orox is the level of craftsmanship and leather. Orox Leather Co. uses top quality Chromexcel leather from Chicago, IL. The leather is made to last a lifetime and will get years of enjoyment out of.

The Orox Leather Co. Classic Bifold is relatively slim, rugged, and hand-stitched. This is a wallet that will last many years and will look better with age. The wallet keeps it basic with 4 card slots and 1 billfold for your cash.

The Classic Bifold is made to look worn and broken in. You will find some minor scratches in the leather, uneven stitching and cut edges. This adds to the appeal of the wallet as you know this is handmade wallet.

Orox Leather Co. makes only the best leather products and the Classic Bifold is the perfect every day carry wallet for any guy. The 100% Chromexcel leather is top quality as well as the handmade craftsmanship that takes place in Portland, Oregon. I highly recommend you take a look at the Orox Leather Co. Classic Bifold as it’s one of the best wallets I have reviewed.

9.8 Out of 10

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Maxwell Scott® Luxury Leather Birkin Style Handbag

The Maxwell Scott Birkin style handbag is a great alternative to the Hermes Birkin bag. The great thing is you will not break the bank with a price around $609 you can own the same style of bag as the Hermes version. The Maxwell Scott bag is backed by a 25 year warranty and is made of top quality Vegetable-tanned Italian leather.

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Maxwell Scott® Luxury Tan Leather Birkin-Style Handbag (Barella)

Maxwell Scott Bags The Tomacelli2

The Tomacelli2 by Maxwell Scott Bags is a luxury large briefcase that can fit your laptop, files, folders, and plenty of paperwork. The Tomacelli2 is one of the largest briefcases in our range, second only in size to the Tomacelli3. This luxury men’s briefcase is hand made from hard-wearing Maxwell Scott leather and is designed to last a lifetime.

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