Hildeståhl Medium Bag Review

Hildeståhl is a small and independent company, established 2006 in Sweden. The company shut down in 2012 due to production costs and return recently with online shopping making it easier to cut down on operational cost. In addition the market is ripe for men’s bag as before they were considered an afterthought compared to women’s handbags. Now with men becoming more aware of fashion, all the major luxury brands are marketing to men.

The Hildeståhl Medium bag comes in a brown, vegetable tanned, Italian calf leather that will only look better with age. The Medium bag did come in a super limited edition purple (Dark raspberry sherbet) that ended up selling out quickly. Along with the Medium bag, the company also has the Weekend that is perfect for travel. The two 2015 models is the relaunch of brand after taking a hiatus for a couple of years.

At this price range I see other brands use nylon handles and cotton or microfiber interior. Hildeståhl does not skimped on quality for the sake of profits. The company uses the best quality leather, Finnish reindeer suede lining and braided leather handles. The little details is where Hildeståhl stands out from other bags under a grand.

The Medium Bag comes in a nice dustbag that keeps the bag in pristine shape when in storage. The Hildeståhl Medium bag has no logos on the exterior of the bag and only a printed silver logo on smooth leather inside the bag. The bag includes an adjustable carrying strap for crossbody action. Inside you will find a zipped pocket, two small open pockets and a pen-holder. And the other side of the bag is pocket with zip.

Hildeståhl is all about quality at an affordable price. If I had to guess the price of this bag it would be a couple of thousand dollars. The fact that the Hildeståhl Medium Bag cost less than $500 is something that makes this a must have. I believe every guy needs at least one great bag to add to their wardrobe and make carrying things around a whole lot easier. Hildeståhl Medium Bag is the ultimate man bag for the modern gentleman. Hildeståhl limited runs of luxury bags rival Hermes and Louis Vuitton at a fraction of the cost.

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