Distil Union Wally Bifold leather wallet Cowboy Brown Review

I have reviewed quite a few wallets and always looking for something new. Distil Union blends the best of a bifold with a money clip. The wallet is smartly designed with easy access to your cash and cards. The Super-slim leather billfold wallet is a front pocket wallet that mixes the best of style, form and function.

The Distil Union Wally Bifold comes in Cowboy Brown and Ninja Black color at $59.99 price. The wallet is full grain leather and the stitching is well made. The wallet has two pull tabs that pull out the credit cards or ID cards. The front pull tab is red that nicely contrast with the brown leather. The back pull tab is brown that blends in with the Cowboy brown leather. The interior has a metal money clip that can carry all your cash.

The slim size is a major plus for me as my previously wallet was a George Constanza worthy fat wallet that would bulge out of my front pocket. The Wally Bifold is perfect size to carry safely in the front pocket. The easy access of your cards and cash makes this wallet worth buying. I normally fumbled with my wallet trying to get out cards to show ID.

The Wally Bifold is a practical wallet that is slim, minimal and functional. The Wally Bifold solves a problem of getting cards out of wallet. The pull tabs and money clip makes this wallet smarter than the average wallet. I highly recommend you check out this wallet if you want a convenient and thin wallet.

9.7 Out of 10

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