Flying Zacchinis Baja 500 leather Belt Review

Flying Zacchinis is a luxury leather goods brand that produces the highest quality grade, full grain, vegetable-tanned cowhide made with care and hand-stitched wherever possible. The company produces leather bags, belts, and other accessories for guys. I had a chance to check out the Flying Zacchinis Baja 600 leather belt and here are my thoughts.

The Baja 500 features 6 mm thick belt, top grain, vegetable tanned cowhide leather with hand stitching. A Flying Zacchinis design buckle compliments the thick rich leather. The belt comes in small, medium, large and Xl. You can see the size chart on the site to find the best fit for you. The Baja 500 comes in either black or brown belt configurations.

The first thing you will notice is the large buckle on the Baja 500. The buckle is three dimensional and gives a casual masculine feel. The belt features a unique stitching design with burnished edges. The 6mm thickness of the belt makes it the thickest belt I own.

A belt can complete an ensemble and the Baja 500 makes a statement every time you where it. It would look great with selvage dark jeans. The Baja 500 has an eye catching design, quality top grain leather, and unique belt buckle makes it a great choice for any guy. I highly recommend the Flying Zacchinis Baja 500 for anyone looking for a great everyday belt.

9.6 Out of 10

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Roger Ximenez Tan Saffiano Belt Review

One of the best accessories I like most in my wardrobe is a great belt. The belt can make the outfit your wearing look even better. There is plenty of selection of belts from makers such as Hermes, Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Tom Ford and more. Some of these belts are good quality while others are of poor quality with a shiny logo attach to it. Roger Ximenez set out to create quality bespoke luxury belts with the best leather and exotic leather materials.

Roger Ximenez is a luxury bespoke leather goods manufacturer and distributor with over 25 years experience crafting genuine leather products. The company was founded by Founder and Master Leather Craftsman Roger Ximenez to establish a line of exclusive, bespoke leather goods.

The Roger Ximenez Tan Saffiano Belt starts with Saffiano leathers are imported from Italy and finished in the United States to exhibit a natural shine. Saffiano leathers are less prone to scratching and are considered some of the finest leathers in the world. The belts are Handcrafted and Made to Order in the U.S. The interior lining is a Nubuck Lining and each belt includes a Signature Travel Bag. The Solid Brass Palladium Plated Buckle has a brushed metal finish and looks classic on anyone wearing it. You can choose from 5 different color threads and belt size from 28 to 44. The belt comes in two size widths from 35mm to 40mm.

At $200 you are not going to find a better classic belt for the money. Quality wise Roger Ximenez offers the best leather in the world. The leather used in the belt is of great quality and the buckle is finished in Palladium. I find designer belts from Hermes, Ferragamo and Louis Vuitton to be too gaudy and flamboyant while Roger Ximenez is for the classic gentlemen.

10 Out of 10

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Kore Essentials Trakline Belts Excel Buckle & Belt Review

Kore Essentials created a unique belt that launch on Kickstarter. The company reached it goal and now sell its Trakline Belts directly to the consumer. The unique feature of the belt is a hidden track is sewn into the back of the leather belt that connects with the buckle to easily move the size 40+ sizing positions.

Kore Essentials Trakline Belts Excel Buckle & Belt comes with either a black, brown, gray or white leather belt. The belt is made from the finest full grain leather compared to store bought belts that feature poor quality Genuine leather. The belt is easy to cut to size from 44″ to 24″. The spring-loaded caliber mechanism makes this belt a truly automatic belt. The EXCEL gunmetal buckle face is perfect for casual and formal wear with a masculine appeal.

I was impressed by the quality of the belt by Kore Essentials. I have a few designer belts from Salvatore Ferragamo and Cartier that retails from $300-$500 and Kore Essentials holds it’s own. The fact that the Trakline belts costs $50 with belt and buckle is a great value. The full grain leather with the Trakline is better than the leather on both the Ferragamo and Cartier belts that I paid much more for. The first thing that usually shows wear on my belts is the belt holes and the Trackline has none so it keeps looking new after many wears.

I believe the Kore Essentials Trakline Belt will last for years with the Full grain belt conforming to your waist. I wore the belt for weeks and the belts still looks brand new. I like the fact I can adjust the belt during the day as my waist expands and my activities change. The Kore Essentials Trackline is by far the best belt I have tried on.

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Roger Ximenez Tan Saffiano Belt

Roger Ximenez creates handcrafted leather belts made from the finest materials. This Saffiano Belt is made to order in the USA. In your choice of width sizes of 35mm or 40mm wide with Solid Brass Palladium Plated Buckle and Signature Travel Bag. The belt is made from 100% Calf Leather with Nubuck Lining.

$199 Buy it now HERE

WestEastArmory Everyday Leather Belt

Etsy seller WestEastArmory has a nice everyday leather belt for every guy. The belt is made of the finest Hermann Oak vegetable tanned leather. The belts looks like it looks great with your favorite pair of jeans. The belt is custom made with sizes from 30 to 44 and three belt buckle finishes. The handmade belt will set you back $60 and is available now HERE

Elliot Havok Quarter Century Belt – Natural Review

Elliot Havok has created the Quarter Century Belt that would look great with raw denim jeans. The belt comes in either Natural or Black and cost $49.

Elliot Havok Quarter Century Belt is made of premium vegetable-tanned leather built to last and back with a 25 year guarantee. The thick leather belt is stitch-less and cut from quality leather. Compared to the mall belts that are made of genuine leather and PU leather the Centry Belt stands out for it’s quality and durability. The natural belt color should get better with age with slight darkening. I wear a size 31/32 jeans and the 34 belt fit me fine so you may want to size up 2 inches.

Elliot Havok has created a nice casual belt that would look awesome paired with your favorite jeans. It is a belt that will last you years to come and look better over time. The belt is only $49 and made in batches that is ship out weekly.

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Elliot Havok is offering a watch on Kickstarter HERE. Check out the project now.

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Mountain Khaki’s Leather D-Ring Belt Review

I was looking for quality belt I could wear with jeans or chino shorts. The Mountain Khakis Leather D-Ring Belt was one that I had my eye on. This is my first D-Ring belt and it’s rare to see one with leather instead of nylon. I jumped at the chance to check out this new D-Ring belt from Mountain Khakis.

The Mountain Khaki’s Leather D-Ring is made of the finest leather that is soft and pliable and fits without discomfort. The quality leather is one that will age well and last a lifetime. The leather is made of 1 ½” vegetable-dyed, bridle leather. The D-Ring is made of antique nickel which you simply loop together to close the belt.

The classic design of this belt makes it a perfect casual belt to wear everyday of the week. I wore these with the M’s Equatorial Shorts that I previous reviewed and found them to be really comfortable. The belt comes in 4 sizes which I recommend you size up 2 inches from your waist size.

I really like that Mountain Khakis quality is consistent across the board. Every product I received from them is top notch. The leather D-Ring Belt by Mountain Khakis is the perfect belt for the everyday man. Its simple design will make you look good while the quality of the belt will be in your wardrobe for years to come.

10 Out of 10

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Kore Essentials, Inc Trakline Belts

Trackline Belts were a successful Kickstarter project that created a line of belts with a unique system. The Trackline Belts have no belt holes, rather the belts have a hidden track that adjust the size of the belt.

I have own many belts where the holes did not match my waist or the holes began to get ragged. Trackline belts offer a precise fit each time without the holes. The belts range in price from $59 to $69 dollars.

You can buy the Trackline Belts HERE


Slidebelts is a new innovative belt that was recently funded on Kickstarter. The belt uses no holes but rather a sliding mechanism to adjust the belt size. The company has the original belt, wild belts with a little more flair and finally the survival belt with extra gadgets in the belt. The survival belts have a unique multi-tool and fire starter built into the belt. It is a belt that someone like 007 would wear.

Check out Slidebelts HERE

UHL Heritage Belt

Designer belts are made of poor quality and are only purchased for the brand. A belt like this UHL Heritage Belt is purchased by real guys looking for a belt that will last. The Heritage Belt is a homage to Swedish Army belts of yesteryear.

The belt is made to take a beating and is the widest and thickest leather UHL sells. The belt is available now for $59 in your choice of color and size.

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