Allen Edmonds Normandy Boots

It’s just about that time to bring out the boots for the winter and Allen Edmonds has some quite nice ones for this season. The Allen Edmonds Normandy Boots feature Lace-up derby boot with Cap-toe blucher and Distressed, soft kudu leather upper. The Normandy boots have Distressed double oak leather sole and regular heel and Goodyear sole that is re-crafable.

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Allen Edmonds Dalton Review

I was looking for a versatile boot that looks good with a suit as well as jeans. The Allen Edmonds Dalton maybe the boot I was looking for. I saw post on The Style Blogger found HERE how you can dress up and dress down the Daltons to fit any style of clothes.

The Allen Edmonds Dalton comes in Walnut and Dark Chocolate brown calf which are both great colors. In addition I believe a horse hide cordovan version was also available for a limited time. The dress boot has leather uppers with Butyl double leather sole and rubber heel. An issue with earlier Dalton shoes was fixed with the pull tab now being reinforced. The boots feature Wingtip blucher with brogue perforations and medallion.

I owned the AE Bayfield’s, AE Daltons, and AE Fifth Street boots and find the Dalton’s be the most versatile. The Bayfield’s are my go to casual boot, while the Fifth Street is my formal boot while the Dalton’s can be both. The Walnut Dalton looks good with dark blue jeans, chinos, Navy Suit, and Grey Suit. I can get so many looks out of these one Dress boots.

The Allen Edmonds Dalton is a truly nicely looking boot that is well worth the price. The Dalton fits like a glove, is comfortable from the start and is true to size. I like the walnut color which can be easily dress up and dress down with your attire.

9.7 Out of 10

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Allen Edmonds Long Branch Review

The fall is upon us and Allen Edmonds has you covered with a fall boot to get excited about.  The Long Branch has the stylings of the Dalton with the ruggedness of the discontinued popular Bayfield’s boots.  It is exactly the boot to add to your fall shopping list.

The Long Branch is part of Allen Edmonds new fall 2012 collection.  It has a similar lineage to the Allen Edmonds Daltons with a more rugged Vibram rubber outsole.  The boot is recraftable as it features 360 degree Goodyear welted construction.  The Long Branch is welted on the 1 last which is similar to the 7 Last from heel to the ball of the foot, yet with a more rounded, fuller fitting toe.  The Wingtip blucher boot features full brogue perforations and medallion.  The leather uppers are of high quality standards that Allen Edmonds puts out in all of their shoes.

I am a big fan of boots in general and have to say that Allen Edmonds makes some superb ones.  The Long Branch is the perfect casual dress boot that looks nice and wears nice.  The Vibram sole along with the speed hooks and red laces give it a casual look that is perfect for jeans and a v-neck.  The Wingtip blucher allows it to go upscale with chinos and shawl cardigan.  The Allen Edmonds Long Branch is the most versatile boot in AE’s collection.

I can honestly say that I am super impress by Allen Edmonds Fall Collection as they are a breath of fresh air.  The Long Branch particular is one that I had my eye on for a while.  And now that I have it, I have a million ways I would like to wear it with my wardrobe.

9.8 Out of 10

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Allen Edmonds Shaker Heights Boots Review

Allen Edmonds has released some new boots just in time for the Fall/Winter season. The one that caught my eye was the Shaker Heights Boots. The Shaker Heights boots mixes leather with Harris Tweed to present a classier refined boot.

The Allen Edmonds Shaker Heights boots come in a black box with white soft shoe bags that hold each boot. I have reviewed several Allen Edmonds boots and shoes in the past but the leather on these boots look to be an upgrade. The leather has a nice soft feel to it and the Brown leather has a nice shine to it. The boots come in Brown or Chili leather with the famous Harris Tan Tweed.

The Shaker Heights are the perfect Fall/Winter boots as they go nicely with V-Neck Sweaters, Cardigans, Chunky Sweaters, Dress Shirts, and Sports Coats. The Tweed has a luxury feel to it and is made by Harris Tweed who hand weaves the tweed. The V-tread tap sole will last quite a while before needing repair. The boots can be recrafting to like new condition with Allen Edmonds recrafting service.

The Allen Edmonds Shaker Heights boots is the perfect boot for the Fall/Winter season. The Shaker Heights look great with every style of clothes I wear with it. The quality of Allen Edmonds rivals well made English and Italian boots at a better price. In addition the Shaker Heights would make a lovely gift for a Dad, Husband, Boyfriend or anyone else who wants a great looking boot at a fair price.

9.8 Out of 10

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